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Human Resources - Movies as a Team Building tool?

Each of us had once a dream to be a movie star or at least to be an actor for a day.

Film a Story has the following offering for you and your corporate team:

Movie Production Team Building Offer:

1. You can choose the video format (e.g. be it in the gaming world of virtual reality or play as an actor in a classical movie (from any type of genres).

2. Our script writer team will help you either pick from one of the famous scripts or help you write one on your own.

3. After choosing which genre and script, the more creative and team buidlng part of the production preparation process starts.

4. We will organise: locations, costumes, acting lessons if requested, whole set design if required

5. We prepare production days where your team members performing in their roles

6. After this, we will edit the movie for you.

7. If requested, our Big Boss agency can prepare a final event where you can present the movie e.g. in a cinema.

Contact Tina or Rafal for more information:

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