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Film a Story Studio in New Era of Information

Since the 2016 FAS Team was working on a new way of efficient information exchange, communication between users, companies, communities.

Effect of this work you can see here:

and in Virtual Reality APP for educational training.

Till now we have invested in these products our own resources and money in the amount of 300000 CHF. Together with external software house, we are aiming for the first financial round from investors to get 0,5 -1 million CHF for Smart Switzerland Media Platform, which will be the first platform in Switzerland, based on community and focused news content.

The final product will create new job places in Switzerland.

The first phase of the product is to serve a local, Swiss Community.

When we will establish our structure very solid in the swiss market and we will create the first new 1000 job places, then we will reveal new information about our next step.

Before our Startup Smart Switzerland Team will reach this goal, our Film a Story Entertainment Team is still working on new Animated Films and Ads Projects.

More information, soon.

If you have any investor relations questions, please contact us on

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