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Jan van Berkel wins the Ironman Switzerland again 1
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Jan van Berkel wins the Ironman Switzerland again 1 Jan van Berkel successfully defended his title at Ironman Switzerland with a sovereign performance. 21.7.2019, 16:12 clock (sda) The 33-year-old from Zurich Unterländer prevailed at the time of last Ironman in Zurich in front of compatriot Sven Riederer and the Frenchman Cyril Viennot. The nine-time Ironman Switzerland winner Ronnie Schildknecht finished the competition over 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.195 km running in 5th place. Van Berkel controlled the race right from the start and always kept up in the lead group or led the field himself. In running, he sat down shortly after the first track quarter of Sven Riederer, the last competitor for the victory, and ran safely to his second Ironman title win in Zurich. In the finish he showed 7:03 minutes ahead of Riederer. Viennot lost 13:59 minutes to the winner. For Van Berkel, it did not matter that he was not able to show any top results ahead of Zurich, partly due to injury. "I got the self-confidence from well-practiced training." Van Berkel made a learning process in Zurich, after he had made his debut in 2012 as a second, followed only in the previous year, the next step to the champion. And now the masterpiece with the confirmation. "In the meantime I have become better as an athlete in every respect. It makes a difference whether I can go through the pace or lie in the Seefeld gravel. Sven Riederer, the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in Athens, finished second in his farewell competition in Zurich and achieved his most valuable long-distance result. In Zurich, two starting positions for the professional field of men were distributed for Hawaii. Since Riederer confirmed the Ironman Zurich as his farewell race and was honored in a finish line ceremony for career conclusion, the second slot is passed on the appropriate distribution. The third-ranked Viennot will accept this as the first successor. For Riederer this is fine: "Originally I wanted to go to Hawaii. But the frame here in Zurich was right. Also because of a career change, it would have been difficult to train enough to compete in Hawaii. " He was also so good because it was his last kilometer and he is now tired of triathlon. Riederer was glad for the prospect that the career end was in sight. "After all, it was also my personal highlight to run the first of the four rounds together with Jan," emphasized the 38-year-old from Zurich. Ruedi Wild, last year at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 14th place still the best-ranked Swiss man, gave up because of a Raddefekts on the first kilometers. The 23rd edition of Ironman Switzerland in Zurich is the last one for now. (Image: Ennio Leanza / Keystone) The departure of the Ironman Switzerland does not throw a good light on Zurich Elmar Wagner 21.7.2019, 17:40 The Ironman Switzerland will be held in Thun from 2020 onwards. There, in contrast to Zurich, there will again be a professional field for women, but only in 2021 will one of the men return. The addressed Van Berkel said: "As far as the future I do not want to look now. It is a pleasure for me for the first time that I was number 1 in Zurich and could say goodbye to this race. » The Bernese Oberlanders were able to offer the Ironman Switzerland organizers a multi-year commitment. Therefore, the event will be held at least until 2024 in Thun. The event has been based in Zurich since 1997. "So much connected me to Zurich. I took part in the Ironkids competition, got to know my wife (the former European figure skating champion Sarah Meier - Red.) And celebrated my biggest victories so far, "concludes van Berkel. Van Berkel is after Philipp Koutny, who finished fifth at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, the second Swiss professional athlete who has qualified for the Ironman World Cup on October 12 in Hawaii. For the women, defending champion Daniela Ryf, Caroline Steffen, Imogen Simmonds and Emma Bilham are at the season's highlight from the Swiss point of view.
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