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How you can use Virtual and Mixed Reality in training videos and movies

Aktualisiert: 14. Mai 2021

Film a Story is starting to implement new solutions for audience engagement in the field of Virtual and Mixed Reality. Together with our partner from MojoApps softwarehouse, we are bringing new a dimension of entertainment and business efficiency to film your story in the right way. We can create your movie or training video using Virtual/Mixed Reality.

Virtual Reality training videos are 500% more efficient than standard training methods thanks to: - high immersion and learning-by-doing - Safer workplace environment, minimized number of accidents and serious injuries - No cost of travel and no wasted energy/fuel - Reusability & scalability - environment friendly - Cloud solutions available all around the world - Social impact: Increased employee morale, accuracy and efficiency - Reduced number of errors, stoppages and delays - Significant savings on employee compensation and machine maintenance expenses

For more information please contact us:

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