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The Pitch Arena Vol 2 - Trailer Live now!

Aktualisiert: 14. Mai 2021

Check out our trailer of the Pitch Arena Vol 2, moderated by Robert Ruttmann, CEO and Founder of Redesigning Financial Services.

Start-ups presented by their founders:

Daniel Wiegand (Lilium Jet), Kilian Wagner (VIU Eywear), Daniela Marino (Cutiss), Jörg Sandrock (Neon), Travis Pittman (Tour Radar), and Laurin Hahn (Sonos Motors).

A high profile Jury challenging them with tough questions:

Dr. Jeannette zu Fürstenberg (La Famiglia VC Fund), Sarah Kreienbühl (Migros Genossenschafts Bund), Cornel Vermaak (Clearwater Investments), Pius Fritschi (LGT Capital Partners), Robin Errico (EY), Tamur Goudarzi-Pour (Swiss), and Dr. Michèle Bergkvist-Rodoni (Swiss Mobiliar).

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